Electro-mechanical works

Emu General Importer PLC undertakes the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of electro-mechanical works for housing, irrigation and industrial projects.

Installation and commissioning

We provide expert installation and commissioning services for all submersible pumps, surface pumps, generators, solar pumps, laboratory machines, electro- mechanical works and irrigation systems, ensuring the purchase of high-efficiency, high-quality products for long-term use.

Service and maintenance

Emu General Importer PLC provide maintenance and repairing Service for Generators, pumps, solar pumps, industrial machine and more by long experienced engineers and technicians, our technical team is always ready to resolve any technical problems, so that get the extra performance out of every product you purchase.


Emu General Importer PLC extends its expertise beyond product offerings with a dedicated consultancy service. Leveraging our vast experience and a team of qualified professionals, we provide strategic guidance in areas such as project management, market research, feasibility studies, and regulatory compliance. Recognized by the Ethiopian government as a reputable service provider, our consultancy aims to empower businesses and organizations by delivering tailored solutions that meet international standards. Emu's commitment to quality and communication underpins our consultancy services, ensuring clients receive valuable insights for informed decision-making and sustainable growth.


Emu offers top-notch training on pumps, generators, solar power, laboratory machines, electro-mechanical works, and irrigation systems operation and maintenance, with a team of skilled engineers and technicians providing comprehensive guidance. Investing in our training programs can unlock the full potential of your products.

Customer support

Emu general importer plc has customer service support, that is always ready to meet our customers need while also providing emergency service from our technical support teams